Climate Change Division, Government of Pakistan is the Designated National Authority for Clean Development Mechanism in Pakistan


      Priority area for CDM Projects.


       Pakistan allows any unilateral, bilateral and multilateral CDM projects in the following areas:

     Energy (including renewable/ alternate energy, energy efficiency, conservation and fossil-fueled cogeneration);

      Land use, Land use Change and Forestry (afforestation and re-forestation);

      Agricultural and livestock practices;

     Waste Management (e.g. landfills, solid waste management, recycling, Animal /livestock wastes);

      Transportation (e.g. alternative fuel vehicles, mass transit systems, cleaner engines, Compressed Natural Gas); and

     Industrial processes (cogeneration, waste heat recovery, boiler/ kiln/ furnace efficiency, generator change, alternate processes etc).

     Any area/sector that reduces any GHG's allows by Kyoto protocol are eligible sector for CDM projects.